Trusted Fraud and Risk Scientists

Building innovative solutions with predictive science

We are a product incubator. We build and deliver innovative predictive risk management and consumer solutions for the Consumer Lending, Auto Lending, Mortgage, Real Estate, and Consumer Rental markets. We partner with our clients to bring their data rich, problem solving, product ideas to market faster and smarter using technology, science, and experience.

A start-up culture. We’re nimble, fast and easy to work with.



If you want to accelerate innovation, you need to think differently and you need to avoid distraction. That’s exactly what we do. We like big projects; we like small projects. If it’s a difficult problem, we don’t mind. We love the challenge. We’re experts in product management, risk management, and business management. We are driven to solve problems that need our results-oriented approach.

Our team of product, business and modeling experts work in small start-up-like teams and focus solely on your business problem until we solve it.   We’re nimble and can make adjustments to solutions as your business needs change and help you launch your product faster and with better results.

It’s easy to get started with us because we make it easy to get started with us. Tell us your objective. Tell us your timeline. Then let us get down to work to figure it all out. It’s just that simple.



We bring data, science and business together

We help evolve industries by leveraging data and applying it to what we do best – science and business. Our revolutionary products have been used in everything from reducing global fraud rates in credit cards, debit cards and mortgage loans, to dramatically reducing the time and cost of retrieving verification documents. We know that great solutions are a perfect collaboration of data, science and business. That’s why we bring each of those to every product we build. We don’t just do it right, we do it better.