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Point Predictive helps credit unions identify consumer loan applications that have truthful and reliable information while ensuring an elegant and lightweight new member experience. Point Predictive’s vast data consortium provides insights that can only be gleaned from hundreds of millions of true and falsified loan applications.  The scores, alerts and notifications generated help credit unions to streamline their operations and reduce their overall fraud risk.

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Our expertise is in predictive science

Point Predictive powers a new level of lending confidence and speed through the unique combination of artificial and natural intelligence using decades of risk management expertise. Our technology solutions quickly and accurately identify who is reporting truthfully on their loan applications and who is not. As a result, lenders are now able to fund loans easily without asking the vast majority of applicants for onerous documentation such as paycheck stubs, utility bills or bank statements. This improves funding rates by 40-50% while reducing overall early payment default losses by more than 30%. Borrowers get loans faster and we significantly boost profits to a lender’s bottom line.

Why Should MeridianLink Lenders Enable Point Predictive Integration?

Frank McKenna answers five key questions about Point Predictive and its MeridianLink marketplace integration.

Hear what our clients are saying

Point Predictive is more than a vendor – they are our partner. I am a huge fan of Point Predictive.

Steve M Christensen

SVP | Elite Acceptance Corp.