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An Integrated, Consultative Approach

We bring our entire portfolio of solutions, consultants, and industry expertise to bear on your unique situation as we customize our offer to you based on your specific needs.

We can deploy and configure one of our existing consortium-based services for you; we can create a custom predictive solution based on a combination of your data and our data; we can augment your technology teams with our fraud and risk experts; we can provide best practices recommendations and requirements as part of a consulting services package.

We want to help you achieve your objectives to manage your fraud and risk exposure.   We are flexible, nimble, and easy to work with.  The faster you can get solutions to production, the faster you can stop fraud and risk.  That’s our goal.


Find Data Insights

It starts with data. If you don’t have it, we’ll get it. If you have some and you need more, we’ll find it. Then we apply our unique approach using a combination of predictive science, creative problem solving, domain expertise and cutting-edge technology – to turn that data into something powerful for your business.

It might be better risk decisions. It could be an application to help consumers gain insight from what you have to offer. Whatever the solution – we have the expertise to bring it to market.


Rely on Trusted Data Scientists


Whether it’s developing transaction risk systems that leverage historical data, application fraud systems that pinpoint risk, or models that monitor third parties for fraud and default risks, we have the experience to help you build accurate models with the lowest false positives.

Our team has pioneered fraud- and risk-based scoring models across multiple industries such as auto lending, mortgage lending and payment cards.  We deliver both the focus and the flexibility you need to get smart risk models built and delivered to market quickly. We have developed a proprietary design approach to rapidly distill your team’s extensive domain expertise and inject this knowledge into the market approach, solution design, analytic modeling and product delivery processes to truly bring together the advantages of business and science.

Our models and technology platforms are used throughout the world every day to process millions of risk decisions across multiple industries.  We proud of our laser-focused fraud and risk capabilities and we think you’ll appreciate working with the industry’s most trusted fraud and risk team.

“Innovation stems from great ideas. But it also comes from having the ability to start from scratch, use the latest technology, incorporating the strengths of predictive analytics, and bringing the user an easy and intuitive experience that just works.”

-Tim Grace