ConsumerCheck offers personal loan lenders, credit card issuers, buy-now-pay-later providers, and other financial institutions access to Point Predictive’s billions of consumer risk insights to make better-informed risk management decisions for current and prospective customers.
What It Does

ConsumerCheck enables lenders and financial institutions to streamline the customer origination process and more deeply evaluate the risks associated with both new and existing customers. It provides a holistic view of a consumer’s application and behavioral history, including robust income, employment, identity, and historical risk data.

The solution complements existing credit risk management tools by providing additional, rich, consumer-specific data points that create a more comprehensive analysis of a borrower’s risk potential without inconveniencing customers and applicants. ConsumerCheck provides data that reduces or eliminates the need for requesting information on an application that causes consumers to abandon the application process. This is crucial as consumers demand shorter and simpler lending applications.


How It Helps

  • Increased automation
  • Enhanced risk analysis
  • Identity completion
  • Better-informed portfolio management decisions
  • Supplemental data for internal scoring model


Borrower Check Report