Accurate and Cost-Effective
Fraud Detection for Dealers

BorrowerCheck™️ for Dealers

Identify income, identity and employment-related risks and help to limit auto loan buy-backs.


BorrowerCheck is a tailored solution for automotive dealers that transforms the loan approval process giving you more efficient, reliable, and profitable dealer operations.

It provides a more accurate and comprehensive assessment of borrower risk than traditional red-flag solutions, resulting higher-quality loan applications and reduced lender buy-back demands, backed by thorough and reliable risk assessments.


Robust Fraud Detection

Robust Fraud Detection

By leveraging Point Predictive’s proprietary data repository, BorrowerCheck goes beyond detecting simple identity theft to consider income, employment, and synthetic identity-related risks.

Reduced Lender ‘Push-Back’

Reduced Lender ‘Buy-Back’

Comprehensive due diligence helps prevent sending lenders high-risk applications and protects vendor relationships.

Improved Borrower Experience

Improved Borrower Experience

Replace cumbersome screening questions with phone-based, one-time authentications that can help combat synthetic identify fraud. 

In The Press

RouteOne Integrates with Point Predictive’s BorrowerCheck

RouteOne integrates with BorrowerCheck, giving over 14,000 dealerships turnkey access to comprehensive application fraud checks. The solution detects more than 90% of the fraud that dealers are missing today and reduces false positives of legacy red flag alerting systems by up to 70%.

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Streamlined Report Generation

Provides a real-time PDF report on an applicant’s financial identity, detecting any misrepresentations and providing recommended actions.

Optional Phone OTP Verification

Send a one-time passcode to the consumer’s phone for a faster alternative to traditional KBAs.

Comprehensive Data Checks

Generate red flags based on the analysis of public records (including OFAC) and our proprietary data repository.

Integrated with Most Dealer Platforms

BorrowerCheck is already integrated with most dealer platforms via direct or indirect integrations, so no onerous integration work is required.

Download Our Case Study

How Carriage Auto Group used BorrowerCheck to save over $50k in fraud losses.

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