Streamline Low-Risk Loans, Reduce False Positives


Streamline up to 50% of mortgage applications with little risk of fraud, early default, or repurchase risk.


MortgagePass delivers groundbreaking predictive analytics to help determine the real fraud risk associated with each conforming (qualifying) and non-confirming mortgage application. Applications are rank ordered based on the statistical propensity that an application contains material fraud or a misrepresentation that is likely to result in severe delinquency or payment default. We do this by leveraging application, loan, and servicing data in combination with the nation’s largest real estate data repositories, third-party online behavioral data, and the Point Predictive proprietary data repository to improve fraud detection rates and reduce false positives. Output indicators are then used to prioritize a deeper loan review.


Automated Efficiency

Automation Efficiency

Fast-track funding for quality applicants for an improved customer experience.

Improved Risk Mitigation

Improved Risk Mitigation

Identify the riskiest 10% of loan applications that would lead to the most losses, significantly reducing financial risks.

Minimize Unnecessary Work

Minimize Unnecessary Work

Allocate underwriter resources efficiently by reducing fraud alert false-positives by up to 60%.


Application Risk Reports

Leverage an AI-powered scoring system to get precise, data-driven risk evaluations that can enhance decision accuracy.

Entity Dashboards

Ensure a proactive approach to risk mitigation and identify high-risk brokers, loan officers, and other entities.

Portfolio Risk Dashboard

Monitor macro-level portfolio trends and fraud patterns all in one place.

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