Greenlight up to 70% of Applications


Automatically approve more loans with lower risk of losses by reliably identifying materially correct or overstated income on loan applications.


Stated income is notorious for being falsified and unreliable. IncomePass helps reduce losses due to income misrepresentation by detecting 60% – 80% of inflated incomes. It analyzes stated income against millions of historically reported salaries across all occupations and locations, IRS Income Data, Census Data and many other sources to validate an applicant’s income for reasonableness, helping to eliminate the high cost of income verification for the vast majority of applications.


Say Goodbye to Paystub Evaluations

Say Goodbye to Most Paystub Evaluations

By drawing on our proprietary data repository, IncomePass can greenlight up to 70% of applications without manual intervention.

Low-Cost Income Validation

Affordable Income Assessment

IncomePass’s assessment methods leverage our proprietary data repository, data modeling and third-party records to provide a low-cost, higher-hit-rate alternative to expensive income verification services.

Increased Pull-through

Increased Pull-Through

With a streamlined application experience, lenders can expect less abandonment as prospective borrowers face fewer pain points.

In The Press

See How IncomePass™ Helps SoFi
Expedite Personal and Student Loan Offers

SoFi  has implemented Point Predictive’s IncomePass™ solution to determine the probability of income misrepresentation or fraud.

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Adaptive Scoring Insights

Goes beyond simple red flags to dynamically score 100% of applicants and provide reason codes on any potential issues.

Robust Assessment Resources

Uses more than 150 million historically reported salaries and 7 public-record sources to assess a borrower’s income.

Accurate Income Assessments

Analyzes a borrower’s stated income to immediately determine its truthfulness within a 15% margin.

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