Automate Lending Decisions and Reduce Fraud Risk


AutoPass lets lenders take appropriate action* on loan applications with a high risk of early payment default due to material misrepresentation. It also identifies and streamlines non-risky loans, so lenders can reduce stipulations, eliminate costly manual reviews, and increase loan pull-through.

*The GLBA version can inform a lender’s loan stipulations; the FCRA version can also be used for adverse action, including declines.


AutoPass uses artificial intelligence (AI) and data from our proprietary data repository to accurately identify low-risk applicants for a streamlined processing, favorable pricing, and other credit terms or credit-based incentives (such as a reduction in down payment requirements). It also identifies applications with a high risk of default due to fraud or misrepresentation. Lenders can choose from either the FCRA version of AutoPass, or the GLBA version.


Comprehensive Fraud Detection

Comprehensive Fraud Detection

The only solution monitoring 100% of auto lending fraud risks, ensuring a secure lending process with its robust alert system and risk score.

Streamlined Operational Efficiency

Streamlined Operational Efficiency

Automate up to 80% of decision-making, significantly reducing manual reviews and increasing capture rates.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Increase Capture Rate, Approve Faster

Waive stipulations for your lowest-risk applicants and eliminate friction to create a smoother experience for buyers.

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Fraud Risk Score

Leverage AutoPass’s AI-powered scoring system to get precise, data-driven risk evaluations, enhancing decision accuracy.

A Powerful Compliance Partner

Customize your usage by opting for the FCRA version or the GLBA version.

Real-Time Responsiveness

AutoPass features an expansive alert system that monitors more than 140 distinct risk factors, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Case Manager

Developed from the ground up to cater specifically to the auto industry, Case Manager enhances lending decisions with advanced risk controls, automation, and an intelligent guidance layer.


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