Income & Employment Solutions

Don't Be Fooled by Fake Paystubs

If you’re using paystubs to verify borrower income, there’s a better way.  Point Predictive provides assessment solutions for both income and employment.

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Income Assessment
Stated income is notoriously falsified and unreliable. Until now, there has been no automated and reliable way to identify when a borrower’s income is materially overstated.
What It Does

IncomePass analyzes stated income against millions of historically reported salaries across all occupations and cities, IRS Income Data, Census Data and many other sources to validate an applicant’s income for reasonableness.

How It Helps

IncomePass helps reduce losses due to income misrepresentation by detecting 60% – 80% of inflated incomes. It also eliminates the high cost of income validation for the vast majority of applications.

Is That Employer a Real Business?

Almost anyone can create a completely fictitious business that appears genuine to loan reviewers. Point Predictive’s Employment Assessment gives you a reliable signal for when to ask your applicant for more information on their sources of income.
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Fictitious Employers & False Sources of Income
Some untrustworthy borrowers think that they can fool lenders into believing that they are employed by fictitious companies. Fraudsters will even setup websites, internet listings, and an answerable telephone number where a live person will confirm employment and income.
How It Works

Point Predictive provides a detailed, sub-second response to a lender’s inquiry. The lender only needs to provide an employer name and phone number to generate an employment report, which includes at least 11 risk factors that can help determine whether to request additional verification materials from the borrower. On average, we will find a match to the stated employer about 90% of the time, and the results can be integrated into any commercial loan origination system.

Why Use Us?

Traditional data sources used for verifying sources of income fail to detect more fraud and misrepresentation on loan applications because they only cover large corporates or small sets of confirmed historical fraud.

Point Predictive’s proprietary data repository contains over 17 million legitimate and suspicious employers claimed on nearly 100 million loan applications. Every prediction of source of income is as accurate as it can possibly be.