Automotive Lending

Point Predictive Auto Lending Solutions Effectively Streamline the Origination Process While Protecting Against Fraud and Misrepresentation.
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Auto Fraud Manager
Automotive lending fraud is an industry-wide problem. While most application fraud scores target identity fraud alone, Auto Fraud Manager leverages data from our proprietary data repository to identify and predict all fraud types in a single, integrated fraud score.
What It Does

Auto Fraud Manager is a predictive scoring solution built with artificial intelligence and machine learning designed to identify those applications most likely to result in default. The higher the Auto Fraud Manager score, the higher risk of fraud and early payment default (EPD). In addition to a fraud score, Auto Fraud Manager provides reason codes to help fraud analysts streamline their investigative strategies. These output indicators are used to prioritize a deeper fraud review.


How It Helps

  • The industry’s only consortium-based approach to address 100% of lenders’ risk issues.
  • Highly predictive fraud score that helps lenders reduce early payment default losses between 30-50%.
  • Enables frictionless lending and automated STIP clearing on up to 30% of approved applications.
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AutoPass lets lenders decline loan applications that have a high risk of fraud. It also identifies and streamlines non-risky loans, so lenders can reduce stipulations, eliminate costly manual reviews, and increase loan pull-through.
What It Does

AutoPass uses artificial intelligence (AI) and data from our proprietary data repository to accurately identify low-risk applicants for a streamlined processing, favorable pricing, and other credit terms or credit-based incentives (such as a reduction in down payment requirements). It also identifies applications with a high risk of default due to fraud or misrepresentation.

How It Helps

  • Enables automation of up to 70% of application decisioning without stipulations (STIPS) or manual review
  • Improves the customer experience for the vast majority of applicants
  • Lowers operating costs
  • Reduced defaults due to fraud up to 60%
  • Can be used in conjunction with credit scores to refine credit strategies


Auto Fraud Alerts

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Auto ONE™
Auto ONE delivers a full suite of AI-based resources in one location, with a single API call, and sub-second response to increase loan pull-through, reduce fraud risk, validate income and employment, and assess dealer risk.
What It Does

Auto ONE is a suite of one-of-a-kind, automation and fraud risk management solutions designed specifically for automotive lenders. The solutions are delivered through Case Manager for an integrated view of risk due to fraud or misrepresentation.

How It Helps

  • Reduces default due to fraud or misrepresentation by up to 50%
  • Increases loan pull-through by 30% or more
  • Validates income to reduce risk and eliminate stipulations and manual review for most applicants
  • Identifies the use of fake employers
  • Improves dealer risk detection


Auto Fraud Alerts

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Lenders can better manage dealer relationships by seeing the quantity and quality of deals coming from a dealer compared to that dealer’s activity with other lenders using our proprietary data repository.
What it Does

Shows lenders how the loans originated by a dealer compare against that dealer’s performance with other lenders providing a unique view into dealer performance including risk metrics, profitability metrics, and insight into adverse selection. It also indicates changes in a dealer’s risk level.


How It Helps

  • Make better decisions about which dealers to work with
  • Increase business from dealers providing high-quality loan
  • Reduce risk from dealers sending lesser quality loan


Dealer Check for Lenders

Dealers! Request Your Free DealerCheck Report

Our DealerCheck product is used by primarily by lenders to assess dealer risk profiles. However, if you are a dealer and would like to view the risk metrics and insights that lenders view about you, we can provide you with a one-off DealerCheck report on your dealership today.

Don’t like what you learn from your DealerCheck report? Ask us how using our  BorrowerCheck  service before the application process can improve your performance!

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