Reduce Fraud and Increase the Quality and Conversion of Applicants

BorrowerCheck™️ for Lenders

Guard against more types of 1st and 3rd party fraud to combat losses, while increasing conversions through the use of our unique proprietary data repository.

BorrowerCheck for Consumer Lending

Using our proprietary data repository, BorrowerCheck helps ensure higher quality applications and a streamlined lending process through early identification of a wider range of potential applicant misrepresentation. With improved risk assessment and detailed risk scores, you can lend more confidently while reducing the risk of fraud-based losses.


Robust Fraud Detection

Robust Fraud Detection

By leveraging Point Predictive’s proprietary data repository, BorrowerCheck goes beyond detecting simple identity theft to consider income, employment, and synthetic identity-related risks.

Improved Waterfall Workflow

Improved Waterfall Workflow

BorrowerCheck’s risk-based score helps to identify 1st party and 3rd party fraud earlier, creating a more efficient loan approval process.

Complete Compliance Coverage

Complete Compliance Coverage

Receive an optional PDF for your application decisioning files for use with audits of loan decisioning, as well as OFAC compliance.


Intelligent Risk Score

A risk score for each application that reflects BorrowerCheck’s prediction of identity, employment, and income misrepresentation.

Comprehensive Data Checks

Generate red flags based on the analysis of public records (including OFAC) and our proprietary data repository.

API Access

Start working with our BorrowerCheck API quickly, with comprehensive guides and API documentation. Find out more.

Real-Time PDF Reports

A PDF report on an applicant’s financial identity that identifies misrepresentations and recommends next steps for fraud mitigation.

Download Our Case Study

Find out how Point Predictive is helping Expediter Services Reduce fraud with BorrowerCheck.