Hello Greg Gancarz!

Today’s a pretty exciting day for us. Another super talented scientist, Greg Gancarz, has joined PointPredictive and he will lead our day to day analytic efforts and help us innovate for our customers.

Greg, originally from Massachusetts and an MIT and Boston University graduate, is no stranger to building advanced models on massive data sets. He’s spent the last 15 years working for analytic firms including HNC Software, FICO, and Opera Solutions building state of the art models with big data.

A key contributor to the worldwide rollout of FICO’s Falcon payment card fraud detection product, Greg has also created and delivered custom analytic solutions for clients in areas such as online banking, property insurance, and collections. Greg is named in several scientific patents for fraud, collections, and data visualization. A frequent traveler, Greg has enjoyed working with clients around the world and has often presented at user groups and conferences.

We’re thrilled to have Greg as our Principal Scientist. Greg’s expertise in neural networks and recommender systems as well as his experience leading analytic teams will be put to great use at PointPredictive as we continue to grow and develop novel analytic solutions, in the cloud, for our clients.

Welcome Aboard Greg!