How One Dealership Saved $50k in Fraud Losses by Using BorrowerCheck™

Cracking Down on Auto Dealer Fraud and Misrepresentation

Fraud is running rampant everywhere, in every industry. At Point Predictive, we’ve designed solutions to beat fraud by helping better validate borrower income, employment and identity–and our customers are seeing the results. 

Our solutions for dealerships help dealers identify low-risk applicants; recognize borrowers with employment, income and identity risks; and identify applications most likely to result in default.

In our latest case study involving a local Atlanta dealership, we interviewed David Basha, a satisfied Point Predictive customer who uses our BorrowerCheck solution.

Leveraging BorrowerCheck, Basha was able to effectively fight fraud, expand his buyer portfolio to more confidently sell to a deeper credit range of consumers, and reduce thousands of dollars in fraud losses within a matter of just a few months. 

BorrowerCheck’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technology helps dealers: 

  • Gain an accurate, comprehensive view of borrower risk
  • Speed up the financing process for borrowers
  • Identify real risk through an easy-to-understand report that helps determine whether to request more information validating a borrower’s income, employment or identity 
  • Promote higher-quality loans
  • Reduce costly loan buy backs

To  learn more about Basha and how BorrowerCheck helped his dealership beat fraud, read our latest case study here.