Jim Baker Joins PointPredictive

Jim Baker is a great scientific mind. However, he is terrible at retiring. For the second time in less than a decade, Jim Baker has retired only to find himself back in another start-up.  You might question why someone would retire twice only to find themselves back in a start-up each time.  To answer that question you really have to know Jim. Jim loves to build things, to solve new problems and to help bring the San Diego Analytic community together. He has been an important mentor to many analytic scientists throughout the years.

Jim is a Pioneer in Analytics Across Multiple Industries

Tim and I started working with Jim Baker when he was at HNC Software (now FICO) managing the development of all Falcon credit and debit card models worldwide. Since Falcon protects over 2.5 billion cards across the globe, he had a tremendous responsibility and was instrumental in launching groundbreaking analytic models to the industry.

After HNC Software, Jim joined us at BasePoint Analytics and helped us launch scores of successful models and solutions in both the Mortgage and Debit industries. Jim was instrumental in helping to build and architect the cutting-edge modeling techniques that are used in those industries to this day.

It’s safe to say that the models that Jim has helped design and build are used millions of times daily whether they assess risk on credit card transactions or the likelihood of fraud on a mortgage loan.

Helping us Build a World Class Analytic Team

Our goal at PointPredictive is to build a world-class analytic capability with the smartest science and business people working together. We could think of no one better to help us make that a reality than Jim Baker. He is arguably one of the most respected and experienced Analytic minds in San Diego – which says a lot given the tremendous concentration of analytic talent here.

We are thrilled to have Jim with us (again).