Joel Bock, Highly Accomplished Fraud Data Scientist, Joins PointPredictive

When it comes to fighting fraud with data science, Joel Bock is one of the best.   And this week, Joel made the decision to join our team of Ph.D. educated fraud scientist working in our offices here in beautiful San Diego.

Most recently Joel spent the last several years tackling difficult fraud problems like Tax Return Fraud which skyrocketed to over $8 billion annually starting in 2013.

By leveraging neural network modeling and gradient boosting techniques on hundreds of millions of tax returns, Joel was able to create sophisticated detection models which were able to pick off fraudulent tax returns like a sniper.    With over 250 million tax returns being filed each and every year, that’s the type of thing that can have a big impact real quick.

He must have done something right as tax return fraud is down a whopping 50% in the last two years.

Working With Business

Joel chose PointPredictive because of the unique working environment where business consultants work hand in hand with fraud data scientist to build better models.

Fraud Models that are built as a tight collaboration between business and science always deliver better results with higher fraud detection and lower false positives.


Getting to Work

Joel is hitting the ground running and will be initially applying his fraud fighting skills by boosting our auto lending model performance and helping us fine tune new models that will be announced in the next month.

It’s great to have you on board Joel!