About Frank McKenna

Frank is a business expert. He helps our customers launch solutions that incorporate predictive analytics so they can solve their business problems with greater accuracy. Frank has worked with more than 100 banks, lenders and companies throughout the world, designing strategies, solutions and operational practices that helped them reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

As a co-founder of BasePoint Analytics, which was acquired by CoreLogic, Frank helped introduce many new risk and pattern recognition technologies to the banking and mortgage industries helping to transform those industries to a more proactive and analytic approach to fraud and risk management.

Frank has led global fraud consulting teams for BasePoint Analytics, CoreLogic and FICO. Under his leadership, those teams conducted successful engagements in the US, Australia, UK, Canada and Asia. His strategies and programs continue to be used by financial institutions across the globe.

As a strategist, Frank brings creative problem solving and a philosophy that every facet of business operations can be improved by bringing the right data, the right analytics and the right processes together.