Lisa Verdon Talks about the Science of Fraud on the Fraudish Podcast

The field of fraud is brimming with analysts who examine the behaviors, patterns, and motivations behind fraud and fraudsters. At Point Predictive, Lisa Verdon, a senior fraud consultant is one of the few females in the field–and blazing pathways to great success in fraud mitigation.

A Michigan native, Verdon completed her undergraduate degree and immediately set foot in the credit industry where she started off as a skip tracer. Later, she obtained a PhD in economics, taught for a while, and then accepted a position with Toyota financial, working with companies around the world in risk decisioning and models. Soon after, she was introduced to Point Predictive, where she put to use her extensive theoretical and practical experience in the fields of statistics, econometrics, and financial analysis.

Due to her vast knowledge of the fraud industry, Verdon was recently approached to guest speak in the podcast Fraudish, where she touched on a wide range of insightful topics. 

In the podcast, which aired April 18, she discusses how she first sparked an interest for the fraud industry and talks about current matters like the recent inflationary landscape and how it’s given rise to fraud with many consumers perceiving small “fibs” on loan applications as trivial. Verdon also discusses the notion of behavioral science such as why people act in fraudulent ways and whether men or women are better embezzlers. 

To learn more about her journey and how she’s helped shape the fraud mitigation industry through her integral role at Point Predictive, access the podcast here.  

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