Modeling Updates from PointPredictive

We’ve Been Busy With Some Cool New Analytic Products

We’ve been heads down busy at PointPredictive the last couple of months launching new solutions for new markets and things have been progressing nicely.

Our focus has always been to launch new analytic solutions to serve markets that need it.  In particular we’re focused on delivering analytics to both the analytics and alternative credit markets and we’ve made some significant progress on those fronts.

Automotive Lending – We’re Launching a Data Sharing Consortium and Fraud Analytic Suite

We’ve spent the last 6 months working with fraud experts, data partners and auto lenders to finalize some groundbreaking new solutions for the auto lending industry.

In particular,  PointPredictive will be launching the first ever fraud consortium for auto lenders in combination with some groundbreaking analytic products.  We’re looking to solve the problem of risk with a combination of application models and dealer risk monitoring solutions for fraud, risk and compliance.

Our release is scheduled for March 2015 so keep your eyes open for the big announcement.  Contact