PointPredictive – Leveraging the Best of Large and Small Companies

The strength of start-up companies is that they are nimble. They do not have legacy infrastructure and integrations to slow deployment. This allows them to utilize the latest technology, smartest and newest predictive analytics and coolest user experiences.

The workforce is incredibly focused on task as they are not encumbered with administrative meetings or company wide initiatives. This allows them to be unequivocally focused on meeting customers needs and turning ideas into usable products.

Larger industry companies are uniquely positioned to own markets. They have wide distribution abilities through substantial partnerships, extensive client relationships and numerous sales channels. They have processes and infrastructure to maintain numerous product lines with large scale adoption rates.

PointPredictive brings the strength of a start-up company to the distribution positioning of a larger industry company. We bring ideas to market. We are focussed, we are fast, and we make our products smart. We focus on the clients needs and ensure success through initial product delivery. We ensure initial market adoption and then allow larger industry companies the ability to own the market by acquiring our product lines.

It’s an industry changing business model and one that will differentiate true large scale innovators.