PointPredictive – The Name Really Says it All.

It’s time for something new. We’ve spent months analyzing, researching and planning and it’s finally here. We’re launching this week and we’re super excited about what this company represents for us.

We are PointPredictive

One of the first decisions you have to make when you start a company (which is actually pretty challenging) is to come up with a name for that company.  After thousands of names, we found one that was perfect – PointPredictive.  It just said it all to us: the approach that we would use to solve problems, the value we would provide to our customers and our fanatical belief that predictive analytics drive the most intelligent solutions.

We Help Clients Move Fast, Make it Smart

PointPredictive represents two things to us – Moving Fast and Making it Smart.  By moving fast, we mean giving our clients a team that they can rely on to get products and solutions to market quickly.  And when we say, “Make it Smart,” that’s all about delivering intelligent products that use data,  predictive sciences and state of the art technology to make that product beautifully intuitive to every person that uses it.

It’s Not Just Analytics, It’s Predictive Analytics

One reason we chose PointPredictive was to distinguish ourselves from a very popular type of analytics – Reporting Analytics.  What we do is different.  We use Predictive Analytics which relies on historic data to build models that can predict future events.  It’s an important distinction.  Predictive Analytics are forward looking, while Reporting Analytics are backward looking.  We’re all about using the past to help our clients predict what’s going to happen in the future so they can make more informed decisions.

We’re Ready to Tackle New Problems

The team at PointPredictive have worked together for many years.  When we founded BasePoint Analytics, which was later acquired by CoreLogic, we tackled the growing problem of rising Global Debit Card fraud and built predictive models that were used to score millions of transactions each day.  Then we launched the first ever Predictive Fraud Model for the mortgage industry that essentially changed the way that the industry used data and science.

It was truly groundbreaking and we are enormously proud of that accomplishment.  We don’t just talk about the awesome power of intelligent analytics.  We believe it and evangelize it in every industry and in every problem we tackle.

But it’s time for us to tackle new problems.  It’s time for us to use what we have learned from the past and apply it to the future.  Isn’t that really what Predictive Solutions are about?  I guess our name really does say it all.