Point Predictive Announces Innovative Partnership with Provenir, Global Leader in AI-Powered Risk Decisioning Software

SAN DIEGO, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Point Predictive Inc., the San Diego-based company that provides artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to lenders, announced today its strategic partnership with Provenir, a global leader in AI-powered risk decisioning software for the fintech industry.

Available through the Provenir Marketplace, Point Predictive’s Artificial + Natural Intelligence™ solutions provide Provenir customers with increased underwriting automation, simplified data integration, and solutions that enable lenders to fast-track applications with a low risk of default based on fraud or material misrepresentation. Furthermore, the small percentage of applications with a high risk of fraud can be flagged for additional investigation.

“Provenir’s cloud-native data, AI and decisioning platform align perfectly with Point Predictive’s AI-based solutions,” said Tim Grace, CEO of Point Predictive. “We are confident this partnership will empower Provenir customers to increase efficiency, streamline the lending experience, and be more competitive overall in the dynamic, digital lending marketplace.”

For Provenir, the strategic partnership with Point Predictive is growing proof that shared data, insight, and AI is the future of digital transformation in lending and fraud risk mitigation.

“We look forward to working with Point Predictive, a company that shares our philosophy that collaboration and automated decisioning workflows uncover insights that drive businesses forward,” said Carol Hamilton, Senior Vice President, Global Solutions at Provenir. “Point Predictive’s sophisticated, data-based automation and fraud risk mitigation solutions—combined with Provenir’s proven AI-powered decisioning platform—will help customers increase profitability while decreasing risk.”

“Point Predictive and Provenir’s solutions complement one another in numerous ways,” explained Andrew Stamps, Point Predictive’s Director of Partnerships. “Ultimately, this partnership helps lenders operate faster and with more agility, resulting in greater levels of efficiency and success.”

For more information on Point Predictive, please contact info@pointpredictive.com

About Point Predictive Inc.

Point Predictive powers a new level of lending confidence and speed through its unique combination of artificial and natural intelligence. With decades of risk management expertise, the company’s technology and ai powered decisioning solutions quickly and accurately identify who is reporting truthfully on loan applications and who is not. As a result, lenders are now able to fund loans easily without asking the vast majority of applicants for onerous documentation such as paycheck stubs or bank statements. This improves funding rates by 40-50% while reducing early payment default losses by more than 30%. Borrowers get loans faster and we significantly boost profits to a lender’s bottom line. Located in San Diego, California, more information about Point Predictive can be found at www.pointpredictive.com.

About Provenir

Provenir helps fintechs and financial services providers make smarter decisions faster with our AI-Powered Risk Decisioning Platform. Provenir brings together the three essential components needed – data, AI and decisioning – into one unified risk decisioning solution to help organizations provide world-class consumer experiences. This unique offering gives organizations the ability to power decisioning innovation across the full customer lifecycle, driving improvements in the customer experience, access to financial services, business agility, and more. Provenir works with disruptive financial services organizations in more than 50 countries and processes more than 3 billion transactions annually.