Safeguard Your Dealership: From Cyber Attacks to Lending Fraud  

In recent weeks, the automotive industry has experienced a significant cyber ransom attack, affecting thousands of dealerships across the country. This incident highlights the vulnerability of digital systems and the critical need for comprehensive security measures in today’s interconnected world. As dealerships work to restore their operations and fortify their defenses against future cyber threats, it’s crucial that they broaden their fraud prevention strategies to include other prevalent risks, such as lending fraud.  

Lending fraud poses a silent yet substantial threat to dealership operations and profitability. Unlike cyber attacks, lending fraud often goes unnoticed until significant damage has been done. This type of fraud involved borrowers misrepresenting their information to obtain loans they are not qualified for, leading to financial losses, damaged credit relationships, and reputational harm for dealerships.  

The Silent Threat of Lending Fraud 

Lending fraud can manifest in several ways:  

  • Identity Theft: Fraudsters use stolen identities to secure loans, leaving dealerships with bad debt when the real identity owner disclaims the loan. 
  • Income and Employment Misrepresentation: Borrowers provide false information about their income or employment status to qualify for loans. 
  • Synthetic Identity Fraud: This involves the creation of fictitious identities using a mix of real and fake information to apply for loans. 

Most solutions only safeguard against identity theft, which accounted for just 14% of all risk, as highlighted in our 2024 Auto Lending Fraud Report.  

BorrowerCheck™ for Dealers 

Point Predictive’s BorrowerCheck for Dealers goes beyond detecting simple identity theft to address income, employment, and synthetic identity-related risks, providing dealers with comprehensive measures to reduce risks and safeguard their business.  

Key Benefits of BorrowerCheck for Dealers: 

  • Advanced Fraud Detection: Leveraging our proprietary data repository, BorrowerCheck identifies potential fraud indicators covering income, identity and employment-related risks. 
  • Streamlined Processes: The solution integrates seamlessly with most existing dealership desktop systems, providing real-time fraud alerts and risk assessments without disrupting your operations. 
  • Protection and Profitability: Reducing the risk of lending fraud protects your dealership from financial losses and ensures a healthier bottom line. 

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, dealerships must adopt a proactive approach to fraud prevention. Cyber attacks and lending fraud are just two of the many threats that businesses face in today’s complex landscape. By investing in lending fraud detection solutions like BorrowerCheck for Dealers, dealerships can enhance their security, protect their assets, and maintain customer trust. 

In the wake of the recent cyber attack, safeguarding your dealership against all forms of fraud is more important than ever. At Point Predictive, we stand ready to support you with innovative solutions tailored specifically to your needs. Together, we can build a resilient and secure future for your dealership. 

For more information on how BorrowerCheck for Dealers can help protect your business, contact our team today. Let’s work together to ensure your dealership’s success and security in every aspect. 

Point Predictive is committed to providing top-tier fraud prevention solutions for the automotive industry. Our advanced technologies and expert team are dedicated to helping dealerships navigate the complexities of fraud risk management.