IncomePass analyzes borrower stated income and detects when income is likely inflated by 15% or more.
Don't Be Fooled by Fake Paystubs

If you’re using fake paystubs to verify borrower income, there’s a better way.

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Income Validation
Stated income is notoriously falsified and unreliable. Until now, there has been no automated and reliable way to identify when a borrower’s income is materially overstated.
What It Does

IncomePass analyzes stated income against millions of historically reported salaries across all occupations and cities, IRS Income Data, Census Data and many other sources to validate an applicant’s income for reasonableness.


How It Helps

IncomePass helps reduce losses due to income misrepresentation by detecting 60% – 80% of inflated incomes. It also eliminates the high cost of income validation for the vast majority of applications.