Synthetic ID Alert™

Synthetic ID Alert helps lenders stop synthetic identity fraud by producing alerts on applications that exhibit patterns consistent with synthetic ID fraud.
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Synthetic Identity
This type of fraud occurs when real and fake information are combined to create a new identity used to obtain fraudulent loans and credit. The use of some real identity data makes it challenging to detect.
What It Does

Synthetic ID Alert uses machine learning to score loan applications on the likelihood that an application contains a synthetic identity. If an application scores as a high risk for synthetic identity, the score and actionable reason codes are provided so the lender can take appropriate actions to validate the identity data.

The combination of stolen and real information can make synthetic identity fraud hard to spot.

Synthetic ID Profile

How It Helps

Synthetic Identity Fraud causes more than $1 billion in losses each year for U.S. auto lenders. At some lenders, Synthetic Identity makes up as much as 20% of total fraud losses. Synthetic ID Alert can be quickly and easily installed within a lender’s existing technology infrastructure for real-time application review.

Synthetic ID Alert Helps Lenders Stop Synthetic Identity Fraud By Producing Alerts On Applications That Exhibit Patterns Consistent With Synthetic ID Fraud.

Synthetic ID Alert provides a cost- effective way for lenders to prevent fraud losses.