Working with Joe

Tim and I first met Joe years ago when we were bringing the BasePoint Analytics fraud solution to the mortgage industry.  Joe was at Wells Fargo at the time and our analytic approach to solving mortgage fraud was quite new to the market.

To be honest, we felt that the old way of solving fraud problems by using rules-based alerts not based on scientific analysis were a thing of the past.  Being a huge proponent of analytics and science to solve business problems, Joe agreed. The rest is history. Well, not quite.

Joe has always been a believer in analytics

We ended up working with Joe on scores of projects over the years. Each time he would approach us with a new challenge, a new project to infuse analytics into every facet of operations. Each time we took on a new project with Joe we knew that it was going to be something new and cool. It helped that we shared the same fanatic enthusiasm to change the world with science. Joe is a true believer in the power of analytics; he always has been.

Serendipity and good timing

As luck would have it, Tim and I were busy researching for the next big business idea when Joe called. He wanted to start something new too. The timing could not have been better and the company took shape.

The Big Picture

Not only is Joe recognized as a pioneer in introducing analytics to the mortgage industry, he is also known as a driving force in joint ventures. For example, his work with Wells Fargo Ventures (WFV) resulted in a growth of that business to $25 billion annually.  His ability to create partnerships that make sense is something that is helping PointPredictive enter the new markets that make sense for us.

Joe’s ability to see the big picture and understand our customers is perhaps one of his biggest strengths. Having held Senior Executive positions in the corporate world, he has a sense of the real world problems that our customers face.  Not only can he get down in the nitty gritty of analytics but he can quickly help identify how those scientific techniques can help different industries thrive. We’re really lucky to be working with someone like Joe.

The Road Warrior

Perhaps the only downside for Joe is that he started up a company in Carlsbad, California, thousands of miles from Kansas City.  No worries though, he is racking up lots of frequent flyer miles as he finds himself in California nearly every week.   When he is not in California, you might find him on Skype – with Tim and I on one of our countless conference calls on any given day.

It’s great working with you Joe.