PointPredictive and Defi Solutions Join Forces Against Fraud

Defi Solutions announces the PointPredictive partnership on their Blog which you can find here – Defi Annoucement.

Or you can read it here.

We’ve got a new partner! And if you’re a defi LOS client—you do too.

PointPredictive is an innovative AI technology provider. Their goal? To make fraud a thing of the past. As a step toward that end, two of their products—Auto Fraud Manager and DealerTrace—are now available through the defi LOS platform.

PointPredictive’s solutions use advanced predictive algorithms that assess the entire loan application and recent activity from dealers. This lets you look for every type of fraud: identity, employment, income, collateral and dealer risk. No taking-over-everything is involved.

In customer evaluations, Auto Fraud Manager found more than 50% of fraud, first payment defaults and misrepresentation-related early payment defaults in the riskiest 7% – 10% of all applications (rank-ordered by the Auto Fraud Manager score). Wouldn’t you like to eliminate that much fraud for your business?

Tim Grace, CEO of PointPredictive, said this about the partnership: “Our research indicates that fraud and misrepresentation in the auto lending industry is a $6 billion annual problem—we are excited to be able to help all defi SOLUTIONS customers make a substantial dent in their portion of that number.”

Want the integration? Just let us know.

You can also hear Frank McKenna with PointPredictive speak at a defi SUMMIT 2018 session on Wednesday, September 19, from 4:25 – 5p, in Palmer 3.

This not-to-be-missed event is free for all defi CLIENTS and invited guests.